Secondary School Category

Ms Vanessa Heng

Nanyang Girls' High School

Ms Vanessa Heng

Vanessa believes that reading and talking about stories encourages one to be more attentive to a writer's craft. Literature thus becomes a way for one to learn about language. It is this idea that reading good writing is the precursor to learning how to write well that helps her to prepare her Language Arts lessons.

As some students might struggle to understand the deeper motivations of the characters that they are analysing during Literature classes, Vanessa makes use of excerpts from their own favourite books to show how similar motivations can be found in characters they are familiar with. In doing so, they pick up new skills in class and find new meanings in old stories. By cultivating her students' interest in stories, she encourages them to take a greater interest in writing about their own experiences and finding truth and meaning in them.

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